About Us

We Understand and fulfill the ever changing demands of the Dynamic & Global Engineering Industry since the last five decades. We are proudly associated with Various Autombile, Petro Chemical, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, Sugar, Cement, Oil & Gas, White Goods & Yellow Goods OEM’s and Industries. We support our customers with.

  • Large Inventory- Cutting Lead time.
  • Just In Time Service- Optimizing Customer’s operations.
  • Jointly working to Enhancing performance and Optimizing Cost.
  • Upgrading product Range.
  • Customized products to meet Engineering requirements.

Our Strength

Strong Sourcing Network
We have a strong sourcing network in India, Japan, South Korea, Western Europe, Eastern Europe , China and United States of America
Supply Chain Partnership
We ensure that our performance leads to overall Efficiency and Cost optimization, we strongly hold our selves committed to our Customer’s progress and growth. Which make us win our Customer Loyalty.
Huge Inventory
We hold a very huge inventory in order to meet the demands of the unpredictable and dynamic markets where our customers can quickly adjust to the sudden fluctuations.
Our Quest to Learn everyday
In every upgrading world of Engineer, its important to upgrade with time, hence we love to upgrade our selves to the fast developing world.

Metal Fort

Visit our online Sales portal where you can select from a wide range of Alloys, Select what suits you best. Across industry everyone complains there no one who care for small requirements. At Metal Fort we promise we shall take care.

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Make In India

Make In India

We wholeheartedly welcome the world to manufacture in India. We extend our support and knowledge to Industries for localization of production in India. We are working as supply chain partners with various White Goods & Yellow goods OEM’s and Automobile Industry Ventures.

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